Weathered & Lost

by Kavara

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Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Thomas Ireland at Icehouse Studios
Produced by Kavara & Thomas Ireland
Lyrics by Serena Dorton, Chris Strange & Mike MacGibbon
Music by Chris Strange & Mike MacGibbon
Album artwork by Jon Zig


released May 31, 2019

Kavara would like to thank:

Thomas Ireland, Mark MacGibbon, Sheryl MacGibbon, Gail Dorton, Twisted Lotus Studio Arts, Matthew Wolfgang Neitzel (thanks for the Black Beauty, and for tuning our drums), Andy Un, Jon Zig, Fauxpop Station, Brandon Eedy, Dustin Parkes, Christopher Moore & Katrina Penney for their continued support, Chase Wilson, The Emerald Family, Markus McLean, Jewel (for putting up with our noise), Taz Franklin, Eric Altomonte, Lindsay Schoolcraft, Nihilijay, Koi Getson, Tortured Saint, Cyphier, The Cathartics, Dawn Vally, Devilz By Definition, Dead Beyond Fear, Atria, Mirage13, Hannibal Lecter, Wilfred Fazio Mueller, George, Iron Man, Deadpool, Our parents and families, our friends, The entire Forest City London Music Family, and most importantly, our fans.


all rights reserved



Kavara London, Ontario

Kavara is:

Serena Dorton - Vocals
Chris Strange - Guitar
Mike MacGibbon - Guitar
Spinny Guilbault - Bass
Steve Cummer - Drums

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Track Name: A Mind Betwixt
And the ground will shake as I am driven mad

As I want this life to come to an end
I will stand here alone, abashed and affixed
On a pondering moment that has led me to this
A pondering moment that has led me to this
No, there is no happy ending
No end in sight

I am the master of mind games
That's what I do
Just a victim of time and space until I see the truth

Isolation is a self-defeating dream
Only your demons can hear you scream

The ground will shake
As I am driven mad
A foul split in good and bad
I search for answers
To the end
Of this mind betwixt

The chaos is out of order
No cohesion whatsoever
I tried to take my life
It worked, but I was denied

A banquet of consequences on a stormy sea
Will I take life direction from another entity?

I don’t give a fucking shit if the sun don’t shine upon my
I’ve stood my ground and realized my frightful fate
I don’t fucking care if I reach the point of no return
I’ve said my piece that we all get what we deserve
Track Name: Scarecrow
Yin or Yang when the time is right
A masquerade of sun and moonlight
Driven by reciprocity
The ruined joke of our society
Your mind is set, but you lack all brains
No trespassers on your terrain
Tip the scale, cost-benefit
A shiny crown for old king shit

A stronghold with no defence
The answer that makes no sense
The nightmare that intervenes
Within a lucid dream

Letting go of an altruistic approach
Bask in your glory
All hail the mighty ego

We are the outlaws
With restricted, spineless posture
Barbed wire persona
Until we’re weathered and lost

Our eyes are open but we just can’t see
We shoot for stars that are out of reach
We spin the silk of our own cocoons
You do you, because I’m guilty too
Senses fail as a bystander
It’s the price we pay to feel secure
Along the way we’ve lost our souls
I’m no stranger, but your shoulder’s cold

Evolution comes to a halt
Pay your dues, it’s all your fault
Climbing vines of irony
An absent doubt, but we still have greed
In this crowd you stand alone
Reap what you sow, protect your own
Stab the back of your only friend
A grin, stitched-up, with means to an end
Track Name: Tormentor
Brought upon this mortal life
A future of undoing strife
I've learned of all your arts
But you know that this is my design
Your blood type, an acquired taste
And what I hear from inside your brain
A trigger resting in the empty-handed
I'm bound to sink my teeth

Atrocity, my will has made
For white trash tornado bait
Bones in a bind
Slaughtered in line
A manhunt, I await
Another victim, sacrificed
To feed my lifeless rage
This everlasting blood thirst that eats me
I've only ever known
The dreadful lives that I claim for my own

I feed and serve from the ones burning on the inside
I am the nerve that slowly bites at the mind

Along the lines you draw
I rest my eyes, hon
It’s not your shell, it is your hell
I am led into temptation
Make way for me
A captive set free
No one will know
This constant monstrosity

Scorch your flesh to my liking
The bloody aftermath of your demise
Bite the tip off of your tongue
This was my gain, but your surprise

These souls are trophies, once I ingest
With hungry eyes and perception in high-def
I put on a morbid display to please the beast within me
I present a meal for all
The tormented are left devoured

It’s all come down to this
Quid pro quo, yes or no?
I am the fox
You are the rabbit
This is my final killing
Turn my back and disappear
I hope the lambs stop screaming
But it’s just routine from here

Along the lines you’ve drawn
I rested my eyes, hon
It wasn’t your shell, it was your hell
I was led into temptation
I put on a morbid display
To please the beast within me
I present a meal for all
The tormented are left devoured
Track Name: The Reaper
Into the other realm I'll go
To find you alive somehow
Every move so profound
You didn't even make a sound

Walk the ashes of dead empires
Stand amongst the gods, fulfill your desires
Don't let me fall, you got me through it all
Until your last dying breath

Carry me with you unto death
I'll slave to the Reaper to see you again
I watched as he took you
When you took your last breath
All ties severed
Never see you again

Reincarnate, live again
The parallel universe of evolution
Don't let me fall, you got me through it all
Until your last dying breath

Our universe no longer aligns
In a perfect world, you'd still be here
You're always in my heart
Shift through time, come home again
Don't leave me here to die alone

Black magic in a pet cemetary
Reborn to reign and show them no mercy
Don't let me fall, you got me through it all
Until your last dying breath
Track Name: Death Sentence
Hounds of hell are on my trail
Will I prevail or will I fail?
Face your fears or face your death
Your last breath, will, and testament

Can't you read between the lines?
This is where your problem lies!
Your final destination has been set
Rest in peace, lest we forget

Sentenced to death, these chains around my wrists
My mind erased, do I even exist?

Walk through the shadows
Search for the darkness inside
Corrupt the weak and free your mind
What was yours has been lost in time
Burning bridges of the past
My vision falls from grey to black
Beneath the surface of it all
You won't rise until you fall

The problem lies within you
Misfortune and greed that you’ve consumed
Broken, hollow, dead inside
Invisible wounds bared upon my mind

Broken glass, I'm on the floor
Over-dosed and self-absorbed
Just can't get up, forget the war
Take off the mask, you've washed ashore

Drowning in an ocean of regret
The tide has come, my days have been spent
No more freedom, no more pain
Nothing left but pure disdain
Track Name: Mark My Words
Lifeless frowns on all of these frail, familiar faces
And micro armies of foul tempers and jagged shapes

We repel the weakened minds
And embrace the wild kind
The dark artist will remain forever redefined
I raise my fist to the silent screams that fill the air

A modern symphony
Electric ancient song
This banded thrill is on display in forbidden fashion
Mark my words
You will never feel this rush
As a negative refection
Of one of us, one of us

Eclipse of the mind
Our madness of the method
Fighting our way through, into the forgotten casket
It’s just a matter of time
We are only temporary
The blood we shed will stain the pages of our long-lived story

We face the world, all on our own
We will not be overthrown
Track Name: Lawn Care
I make an irrational decision
To find the plot for victims growing from elegance and poison
Will I be painting the roses red,
Or making good use of the bloody chunks left over from the dead?

Under the earth, you'll find rebirth
Your fate is lying in the judgement of the dirt
Lifeless and thriving in the heat
Will you be garden-front or petty food for us to eat?

You are the mulch
Enriching spoiled soil
As you reach for the sun
A stench of death is wafting
From a land of pollen haunting
An act of cultivation
Not made for everyone

Flora produced from a constant tipping of the scale
Gangrenous tint of an unearthly fog that will prevail
A guarding fence to hide the clouded shame I feel within
The plotted twist of circumstance and masterminded sin

Under the moon, your sprout will bloom
Your fate is lying in the judgement of a fool
Crisis, the only life we breathe
Will you harvest well or remain as a trophy plant for me?

Stripping flesh, breaking bones
Sorting out the pieces of the atoned
Gather elements for fabrication
Unnatural botanic operation
One by one

Under the sun, It's just begun
Your fate is rotting with the filth that you’ve become
Catastrophe will grow with me
Will it be an endless cycle that is wrought with irony?

You are the mulch
Enriching spoiled soil
As you reach for the sun
A stench of death is wafting
From a land of pollen haunting
An act of cultivation
One by one
Track Name: Bloodlust
Financial freedom, what a joke
Corrupt politicians wait for us to croak
A world ruled by greed and hypocrisy
It's no wonder I can't seem to breathe

We're the ones you should be scared of
We're the ones who have the right to choose
Fight against them for what you want
We're all living in a concrete jungle
(Soon we'll all be fucking dead)

Don't you see?
You're out of time
Fuck your bloodlust!
Get out of line!

Planet earth
Shambles, ruins
The end of the world
Our anomaly

Where is your “God”?
Where is your wall?
You built up your empire
Just to watch it fall

We're the ones who won't conform
We're the ones who will break the norms (
Soon we'll all be fucking dead)

We're the ones who won't let them win
We're the ones who will rebuild this world
(Soon we'll all be fucking dead)
Track Name: Walk of Shame
You've burned all of your bridges
The ashes will surround
As the mountains you try to climb start crumbling to the ground
Brainwashed by a regular Joe
Your shattered past has scarred your soul
Now you laugh in the face of death with a voice you can't control

Your wild mind has led you astray
With broken wings you try to fly away
And as you crash to the middle of the Earth
I introduce my grand rebirth

I am the last sheep that stood in line
I'm turning around to make this journey mine
Torn seams will never mend
Your planets won't realign

Just breathe
Your poison into me
It'll help you find your inner peace
These trails you walk, they laugh at you
You can hear it, but still you carry through

This is my absolution
This ends our convolution
I'm biting off your serpent tongue
That's it, that's all, I'm fucking done!
Don't let me get inside your head
I'll feast on your heart in the end
Your tears are bittersweet
This mind is not what I make it seem
Your walk of shame won't set you free

This chapter's closing in on you
The best-selling book you misconstrued
The colour's fading in your lens
This war that you fight will never come to an end

Just breathe
Your poison into me
It'll help you find your inner peace
This mind is not what I make it seem
Your walk of shame won't set you free
Track Name: Let the Carnage Manifest
I shake my head and comprehend the tension in the air
With our devil-may-care attitude and violent nature
We will make it rain
A storm, foreboding
Black as the night
We are in full swing

Trapped in a systematic web of rivalries
A world made of love and peace is a world of make-believe
This free-for-all, this global quarrel
Our fateful mission is a man-made downfall

Laying blame and manipulating those who cross the line
What a pity for those less fortunate, what a time to be alive
Antagonize, declare, and engage our enemies
All oppose and death will be a certainty

I listen close as all of the bloodshed splatters on the ground
For money, land, power, and the praise of different Gods
Your time has come
You will be done
Delivered into evil
As you’re led into temptation

“Lead us not into temptation
Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done”

The Lord of chaos
With the promise of devastation
I will leave you in plastic and rust
At the dawn of repercussion
With the flicker of an exit sign
Silence falls upon the sirens
Let the carnage manifest
I am judgement, I am death

I watch as giant mushrooms grow on water, sky and land
Behind the science is the loyal shadow of a man
With fallacy, we paved the road to primal mockery
Instinct is the answer, but reason questions me
Instinct is the answer to this primal mockery

Justice: it overthrows the age of man

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