Overthrown EP

by Kavara

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released April 24, 2016

Ready Set Go:
Lyrics by: Strange, Getson
Music by: Strange, Kavara

Lyrics by: Getson
Music by: Getson, Kavara
*ft. Spencer Heaslip - Vocals

The Rising Tide:
Lyrics by: Strange
Music by: Strange, Kavara

Killing Makes A Living:
Lyrics by: Getson, Dorton
Music by: Getson, Kavara
*Guitar Solo by Koi Getson

All drums recorded by Koi Getson except:
Ready Set Go - Danny Cooksey
Oppression - Spencer Heaslip

Gang Vocals: Music Industry Arts students

Produced by Koi Getson, Chris Strange & Serena Dorton
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Travis Stoddart of Alleyway Productions
Recorded in Studio 2, 3 & 4 at Fanshawe College

Logo Design by Kim Baarda of Black Element Productions/BraveWords


all rights reserved



Kavara London, Ontario

Kavara is:

Serena Dorton - Vocals
Chris Strange - Guitar
Mike MacGibbon - Guitar
Spinny Guilbault - Bass
Steve Cummer - Drums

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Track Name: Ready Set Go!
A long day sober dries out the throat
I think it's time that we quench our thirst
This is the place to drown out or woes
Let's make a toast and embrace this curse

Wasted, with nothing to lose and nothing to gain
This drink is weak but it gives me strength
Wasted, but not enough to kill the pain
Last call will never end my reign

Three cheers to what this night has brought
I'll take this chance, I will take this shot
Three more beers and I'm on skid row
But I'm having fun so get ready, Ready Set Go!

It gives me chills as it brushes the tongue
Down the hatch, come on everyone!
I'm like a zombie as it flows to my brain
Liquid confidence, the fuel that pumps through my veins

Eternal sedation on this merry-go-round
I go in circles 'til I fall facedown on the ground
Feeling sick but the ride's not over
I'll always sink in the waters of the infernal
Track Name: Oppression
Liberty has been slaughtered
Democracy has been conquered
Injustice has grown stronger
Oppression is now honoured

Propoganda fooled the trusting people
Not knowing the impending evil, well...
Evil has now rose
You will not oppose
You all must comply
Or you will DIE

People that fought against
Corruption in government
Were tortured in prisons
Or killed in an instant

Oppression burned down the masses
Watch my freedom turn to ashes
Don't try to fight, don't try to run
Voices can't be heard...over GUNS!

Thinking has become a crime
Thinking is the biggest crime
Track Name: The Rising Tide
I see a trail of dark, billowing smoke
Another endless fire to stoke
It's way too late to save this treasured world
If only we had weather under control
We're all responsible for future generations
Paving the way to a fateful damnation
We're in the now and there's never concern
That we've already reached the point of no return

Fill the needs to build a powerful army
Make a plunder for a better economy
Torch the skies and pour out the waste
We'll have nothing left but rotting garbage and graves

Taking another breath away from me
And replacing it with poison and empathy
Humankind won't even try
When it's being brainwashed by industry

It's high time for the rising tide
As long as profits reach far and wide
An appetite to ingest this place
Don't stop now because it's already way too late

Facedown with a broken backbone
Bearing a trademark stamp, Mother Earth is Overthrown
Track Name: Killing Makes A Living
A constant state of terror is all you need
To grasp the oblivious that blindly believe
Deceive the fearful with your lucrative plans
Lying in a green bed with blood-red hands
Bank accounts booming while bombs drop
The gravy train ride will never stop
A genocide is a small casualty
For building the empire of catastrophe

Greedy hands grabbing cash
Bills that reek of charred remains
The scent that never leaves your wallet
Over powers the stench of shame

Send the poor overseas
To bomb those with different beliefs
All the while the money flows
To the suits who want the war to grow

We’ll give you the tools and use it against you
Eradicate your culture and forever blame you
Peaceful mediation to set the people free
Gunpoint imprisonment against their pleas
Your guilty deeds will carry past your life
All while entombed in your corrupted casket
The screams and sorrows will live on
The blood is still running rabid

Its your doom, your demise
There’s no time for compromise
Drown in the sea of blood drenched tyranny
A fight for freedom you try to tell me

Ravelling in your demise
Swept away by all the lies
Marvel in your destined silence
The truth has stopped your reign of tyrant

Its your doom, your demise
There’s no time for compromise
Drown in the sea of blood drenched tyranny
A fight for freedom you try to tell me

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